Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

What are some specific symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs?

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Dogs who suffer with SA usually display anything from minor to major destruction when left alone. This destruction is normally focused on exit points, such as doors and windows, or places and objects that are more intimately associated with a beloved family member, such as shoes, the bed or the sofa. Chewing relieves stress by releasing endorphins into the dog’s body, just as a person might release tension by biting their nails.

The most intense time for SA dogs occurs within the first 30 minutes of a person’s departure and, in addition to the stress-related behaviors mentioned above, dogs might also drool, vomit, eat through walls or jump through windows to escape and re-establish contact with their families. These behaviors can also occur with varying levels of intensity until the person returns.

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