Stray Dog Realizes He’s Safe And Rests His Head on His Rescuer’s Shoulder

Stray Dog Realizes He’s Safe And Rests His Head on His Rescuer’s Shoulder

Anand Raman decided to visit his sister at work on a hot day in Dubai. He noticed that everyone was trying to stay cool and out of the sun. But no one was as hot as the stray dog Raman came across which was hiding in the shade just under a car. The poor dog was eating some scraps and didn’t look in very good shape.

He was dirty and matted, and when the dog tried to get up, he was walking weirdly. At that time, Raman thought that he needs to help him right away.

The dog came over to Raman just when he noticed that he’s looking at him. He acted as if they were best friends. First, he wobbled a little bit as he approached Raman, but he seemed happy to have the company by wagging his tail. Raman did the right thing after that and brought the dog into his car because he knew that he couldn’t leave him behind.

“He approached me with a curious but excited disposition, wagging his tail excitedly,” Raman said. “This demeanor of his is what initially made me fall in love with him.”

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The beauty of Rescuing the Dog

The dog knew he was safe as soon as he was brought into Raman’s car. He fell asleep almost instantly while he rested his head on Raman’s shoulder. It was clear that the poor dog didn’t rest peacefully in a long time.

The poor animal seemed very exhausted so Raman brought him straight to the vet and allowed him to continue resting on him while his sister helped them get to the clinic.

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Luckily, the dog didn’t have any extreme conditions as the vet examined him. He told Raman that the dog was wobbling while he walked before because there were rickets in his front legs which were caused by malnutrition. The vet reassured Raman that the dog’s condition is not very hard to treat and there will be no long term effects. The dog was ready to go home with Raman after the checkup.

Raman bathed the dog directly when he brought him home. Surprisingly, the dog had a beautiful white coat. So he named him Snowy.

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Snowy’s Progress

Snowy was still hesitant about the new surroundings even though Raman had gladly taken him in. He spent much time hiding in a corner instead of exploring because he was kind of unsure if he was allowed in the house.

The dog didn’t seem to comprehend what was happening when Raman took him for walks. He was constantly pulling back toward his home since he was worried that he would be left on the streets alone another time.

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After about 2 months, Snowy eventually understood that his new owner wasn’t going to leave him alone again or let anything bad happen to him. He finally got to feel the love he deserved.

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