Raising A Puppy For A Full Time Working Mom

Raising A Puppy For A Full Time Working Mom

Introduction: Raising a Puppy for a Full Time Working Mom Guide

Raising a puppy for a full time working mom can be hard if you don’t know how to balance it and spending time indoors petting your newly born puppy is certainly one of the most tempting activities that every woman strives to do. However, a ‘‘strong and independent woman’’, as they say, is ought to accomplish certain achievements in the marketplace, isn’t she?

This need to maintain a certain balance may bring to the shore the question whether it is possible for a working mom to raise her dog while at the same time keeping her professional life going.

But hey, the glad tiding is that an owner, with the help of some tips and tricks, can successfully manage to do both. This blog post is thus dedicated to offer simple yet handy recommendations for moms out there in order keep their dear puppies safe at home when they are at work.

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Chill , this Fur ball will safely learn how to be independent once you stick to this guide

Raising a Puppy for Full Time Working Mom: Reach for help

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Yes, the answer is as simple as it sounds like. When it comes to sitting an indoor puppy, family members, close friends or even your siblings definitely represent a suitable go for solution to raising a puppy for a full time working mom.

Quick Reminder: the chosen person will spend long hours looking after your puppy so keep in mind that choosing the right person will not solely be helpful but mainly pivotal in adapting your pet to the new environment

To ensure that your puppy is in safe hands, try to set up a to-do list or a simply a plan for your trusted friend or relative to follow by.

This list should contain a number of recommendations such as:

  • Zoom-in into your puppy’s food schedule and be sure that he is given the required nutrition both on the level of quality and quantity. Bear in mind that nutrition plays an essential role in the well-being of your dear pet.

Reminder: try to prepare the needed necessities ready for your friend/family member before going out to ease the task for him.

  • Be precise about your puppy’s regular potty schedule. ( a good owner should be conscious about the maximum number of hours that the puppy is able to control his bladder)

This bladder frame will help you to calculate the puppy bladder limit according to his age:

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  • List the things that you puppy likes/or does not like to play with in order to ensure a good quality time for him.
  • Be generous: you can offer your friend a simple reward at the end of each daycare or so in order to thank his efforts.

If you need more information on this subject, i shared a blog post here How to Potty Train a Puppy that talks just about that 🙂

Try a Symphony

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You guess it right, once you are away; Mozart becomes your puppy’s dearest fellow. And by Mozart, I refer to all types of classical music from symphonies to any calm instrument you find online.

Ahead of leaving your house, try to cuddle with your puppy in a warm place in which he can worry less while playing simultaneously a long episode of classical music.

This method works better on anxious puppies or those who are not used on staying home alone.

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Behavioral studies on both dogs and puppies proved that music directly influences their regular mood.

In other words, the experiments shows that dog, especially on his early weeks, under the influence of any noise background and can as result react according to the sharpness of this noise. Thus, the stress level can drastically be decreased by just placing your pup close to music.

Stress is contagious

Just like babies, puppies feel if there is something wrong going on with their mothers. Parents ‘stressful experiences can be mirrored in the pup’s practices.

Therefore, if you are a woman who is about to begin a new professional journey and dive in into the world of business try not to transmit your stress to your baby dog by limiting your playing time together.

If you notice these symptoms , Watch out:

If you think that your puppy does not experience stress, these vicious symptoms will make you rethink your thoughts.

  • Digestive Conditions: the common causes of digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea or vomiting are due to food intolerance or. However, these symptoms can be alluring once they exceed 24 hours and a vet consult becomes a necessity
  • Long hours of sleeping and isolation: the main sign of a stressed puppy is the sudden decrease of energy and the refusal to play
    with his favorite toy. In this case, you – as a working mom – should rearrange your day routine and spend more time with your puppy in order for him to adapt himself to the new environment.
  • Loss of Appetite: if you are fully know your puppy’s food schedule, you will certainly notice if your pet loses his interests towards food. A simple tip to this problem is to change the diet plan into something more suitable to his lifestyle especially that your dog had been recently weaned from his mother’s milk

Now back on the topic of how to raise a puppy for a full time working mom, these music titles can be help in soothing the anxiety and the low moods of a puppy. Remember: play one of these tones daily for an hour before heading to work:

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  1. Companionship : Calming music to help relieve separation anxiety , stress (available on Spotify)
  2. Canon D : Symphonic Music with Riverside Soundscapes (available on Spotify)
  3. A YouTube Channel named Relax My Dog where you can find a long list for your precious prooch to listen to when home alone.
  4. Vivaldi : Four Season (Available on Youtube) : listening to this symphony with your puppy helps to strength relationship between the mom and her little puppy
  5. Beethoven : Symphony No 9 (available on Youtube)

Money spent on your puppy is never ill spent

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I have dedicated this subsection for people who are willing to invest on their pets while they are home alone. Otherwise, cheaper and more
affordable solutions can also do the job.

  • Pet Camera: this tool is a good investment for pet mom in order to monitor your dog from distance: the camera allows you to
    stay close to your fur ball while you are away. With a simple click from your Smartphone downloaded app you will be able to supervise your puppy and even communicate with him thanks to through the audio feature. This device is available online or can also be purchased in pet stores. The price range from $33 to $450 depending on the features each mom needs.
  • Doggy Daycare: If you are an anxious person who cannot trust anyone when it comes to your little pup, drop your puppy in a dog daycare care where he can play with his fellow dogs. In a positive note, dogs in general and puppies in particular are smart adapters and strive therefore to live in groups. You can always consult your vet for the best dog daycare addresses near you.

REMEMBER: Your little buddy may take some time to adjust himself with the new environment so make sure to give him enough time to adapt. Don’t freak out if your pup didn’t like the place at first , things will get better for him once he know that he is in a safe place.

  • Pet Sitter: If you do not out your spoiled child to be out of his cozy place, you can pay for a Pet Sitter to take after your puppy: the sitter can either be a friend who is familiar with pets or a professional pet sitter. Check with the sitter the needs of your pups such as snacks during the day or special discipline system. The average wage for a pet sitter is $16 per hour (this rate may vary according to place you live in or the company you deal with)

Now that you are fully convinced that it is totally possible to leave your sweet puppy alone, it is time to train him to be ready to less dependent on your presence in the house. Here are some points that you must avoid when you are leaving:

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  • The first weeks are the hardest; do not be harsh on him if he refuses to let you go. Just guide him to his first corner and cuddle with him for few minutes until he calms down so you can leave silently
  • Do not reduce your time as a puppy mom in the expense of your dear fellow in order not to affect your relationship together. Always remind yourself that you are his dearest person and any transition may cause him emotional draining.

Final Notes on Raising a Puppy for a Full Time Working Mom

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Overall it may be said, that a puppy mom can indeed balance between her professional life and the well-being of her fur pet. Keep in mind that nothing comes without sacrifice; just try to make some adjustments in your daily lifestyle in order to fit with the requirements of your growing pup.

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