New Puppy Owner? Here’s Your Beginner Guide To Raise One

New Puppy Owner? Here’s Your Beginner Guide To Raise One

Congratulations on choosing to add a new member to your family.

The new dog is actually about to be AN integral a part of the family and you, the owner have a responsibility to stress concerning his health and welfare.

For many of you, this can be your first time raising a puppy and lots of questions might arise about the handling of infant growth. We decided to bring you some initial information, advice, and tips that can help the process of growth – sometimes seems exhausting – however, actually filled with fun and pleasure.


The Delivery


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Most puppies delivered to you, from the eighth week (as from 49th day ) to his life.

This period is vital for the puppy, Your little furry friend is sensitive to changes and trauma.

Until now, the puppy was staying along with his brothers and his mother and was suddenly taken away from his family and all the surrounding environment (social and physical environment). It could be that he was given to a different & new warmful & lovely family, however, this stage is still unknown to him.

This is a traumatic event to him since the transition time is critical as it is to live, the whole experience can be very unpleasant for him.

You should remember and take a look at how to facilitate as much as possible the pain of separation of the puppy. The puppy was living along with his brothers and his mother. You should give him the feeling that he is still in society: to be with him, pet him, play with him but at the same time allow enough time to rest for a long period  during the day because the puppy is still in a need of a good amount of sleep.

In short: Try not to disturb him & just give him some space. When he wakes up, pee right out and then try to be with him.

You have to remember going to live will have to spend hours alone (When my family at work or school) and therefore should gradually accustom him to stay alone.

At the beginning of his journey, the puppy could cry (strong howling), particularly at night.

At that moment, you should make a folded blanket for him and lay it at the foot of the bed. Once the Puppy begins to feel lonely, simply reach out and pat it; that he would feel that somebody next to him and calms him.

Families with children: we tend to repeatedly emphasize the need of the infant to rest & to sleep. Please confirm the children’s enthusiasm for the new puppy will not mess with him all the time and therefore the rest will live.

Living Standards


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A dog is by nature a social creature. Being in a new family, he will see it as the social group that he belongs to.

Your puppy needs your company. Just try to imagine the feelings he had while he’s been taken away from his family. That’s why it’s so important for you, as an owner, to make him feel welcomed.

We are sure that you already have thought about how you will integrate your new furry friend into your home. Please remember to do your best to give him a healthy and welcoming physical and social environment.


Washing your puppy every day will cause the natural protective layer of skin and hair to be removed. This will expose it to injuries and damages which will be harmful to your puppy. When you receive him, you should try and gently wash it using warm water and a shampoo that is specifically designed for puppies.

Please know that dogs are not people and puppies are babies!
The puppy skin is very sensitive.


A Well-behaved dog is a dog that listens to what his/her owner commands, what things are allowed and what is not, you know, these personal limitations that you have to decide what suits the best for your new family member.

The puppy tends to be smart and can learn quickly what is required of him in the first period of adoption (aka the first month). If you can be consistent, you will get much faster results from your puppy and permanent education.

Therefore, we advise you to prepare in advance and decide what will the puppy’s boundaries and teach him those limitations from the start.

As humans, we LOVE playing with puppies, that’s a great thing to do! Just remember that you need to do it either on the carpet or on the floor.

You might be wondering why is that, simple: Although nothing is as charming as to have your puppy on the bed, you should think of him as an adult dog in the future and that will not be all pleasant. So try not to teach him this habit and you will be okay.

We know some people that tell us they would freeze in bed if the dog is not with them and they would not fall asleep. Well, these decisions are very personal and it is important to know what boundaries you want to set for your puppy that will result in a good and healthy environment for you and your beloved furry friend.

The top 5 most important habits that puppy owners needs to know 

Okay now we would like to provide you with a list of The Most Important Habits that you need to know and set boundaries to:

  • Toilet Outside

    When your puppy awakes from his sleep or rest, DO NOT WAIT! Get him directly to the place that you have chosen for him to do his thing. Do the same after he finishes a meal.

  • Calling The Puppy By His Name

    This is one of the most important habits for puppies owners. It allows you to remotely control the dog. Please be aware that an unresponsive puppy/dog can get hurt, cause damage to himself and his surroundings and can also get lost.

  • Walk with a Leash

    You should know that if you are going out with your puppy / dog, he must be walking around with a leash. This is required by Law. Equally important, the leash is a safety device for your puppy and without the use of it, he can be vulnerable to many dangers such as a passing car, aggressive dogs etc… or even be a nuisance and a cause of fear to people or children who are afraid of dogs.

  • Jumping on people

    A very problematic habit for dogs is the jumping habit, especially for big dogs. Imagine that your child just came from school and your big dog (the one that was a small puppy before) ran and jumped on him full of joy BUT dropped him… That wouldn’t be such a happy event right?

    When your puppy jumps while playing with you, all you have to do is to catch him by the shoulders to take him down and say “No!” Short and firm (not shouting).

  • Biting

    Any puppy has the instinct to bite especially during periods in which his teeth are growing and changing. This is applicable even from breeds that are considered to be less bity breeds.

    During that period, it is advisable not to play with the puppy biter games and if he still felt the need to bite, all you have to do is immediately remove your hand/foot from the puppy’s mouth while saying “NO!” Instead, offer him something he can bite such as a toy or a bone, etc…


We hope that you enjoyed this beginner guide on how to raise your puppy and we wish you success and enjoyment in doing so.

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