A good dog went digging in the backyard. What it found made the owner call the police.

A good dog went digging in the backyard. What it found made the owner call the police.

On a Tuesday, around noon, police arrived at a small house in Seneca, a town of about 8,000 in the western corner of South Carolina. A dog had been doing what normal dogs do: digging and playing around in the backyard hunting for, perhaps a bone.

Surprise! It actually found one!

In a news release, police said that they didn’t know from where the bone was, human or another animal. The remains of the bone was given to the county’s medical examiner.

The forensic specialists came back a day later with a gruesome verdict: It was a human bone! Officials said that what the dog found was a woman’s right pelvic bone and femur.

The identity of the woman whose remains the dog found wasn’t determined. The specialists believed that the woman died sometime within the past year. They believe that she was white, age 25-45 and between 5′1″ and 5′7″

However, the investigations were not over in the area.

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Investigators came back with a team for a large-scale search and they brought dogs trained for cadaver search and are able to locate human remains. Other woman’s remains were found near a creek in the same area. So they decided to turn the remains over to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division for DNA collection which they will then try to compare to a list of missing people.

“Two women ages 45 & 26 had somewhat recently been reported missing in the county” Oconee County Coroner’s Office reported.

Police crews continued to search that area and said that the office did not have any updates on the case. And the man who owned the house in which the first bone was found didn’t respond to a voicemail message.

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