Your Dog Is Continuously Barking?! Here’s The Solution!

Your Dog Is Continuously Barking?! Here’s The Solution!

The Final Solution To Dog’s Continuous Barking

Barking is your dog’s way of communicating. But, when he develops the habit of constant barking, it can be a huge problem for you, and your neighbors! Some breeds are more predisposed to be barkers, for example; Beagles and Jack Russels! If you happen to own a breed that are known barkers, there’s no reason that you can’t train them out of this with patience and consistency.

A lot of dog owners are unaware that their dog has a barking problem until a neighbor posts a note through their letterbox. A good way to find out whether your dog has a barking problem is to ask your neighbors how your dog behaves while you’re at work.

If they inform you that your dog does bark while you’re away; more often than not they’ll be so glad that you’ve considered how it affects them; that they’ll be patient in the time needed for training.

The first step is to work out the reason that he continuously barks.

Reason #1: GUARDING

Dogs are very territorial creatures, and when another animal, or human comes into their area – your dog will likely warn the intruder to stay away. Some dogs that are overly protective of their human will be far more prone to aggressive barking outbursts, and while it may seem impossible to stop them – there are multiple ways to discourage this behavior.

Reason #2: BOREDOM

You’d be surprised by how much exercise your dog needs; the unfortunate reality is that lots of dog owners don’t provide their dogs with enough physical and mental stimulation; the outcome of this is often behavioral problems.


A lot of dogs suffer from separation anxiety; symptoms of this include excessive barking, pacing, and destructive behaviors. As pack animals, dogs just aren’t used to being on their own for extended periods of time; there are a lot of products available to keep your dog amused while you’re at work, from automatic fetch machines to smartphone operated treat dispensers!


Especially common in puppies and younger dogs, if your dog gets himself worked up during playtime; you’ll hear him exhibiting over excited behaviors including short, and sharp barking.

Reason #5: FEAR

As tough as a dog may sound when he’s barking, this could be a sign that he’s scared; and trying to defend himself from any potential predators.

Stopping your dog from barking

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There’s no overnight cure to stop your dog from barking, but there are training tips you can utilize. If you take the time and have the patience, you’ll have a well mannered, and quiet pup in no time!

Don’t Say NO!

Just shouting no, or shut up to your dog will only make matters worse; by giving him the attention you’re teaching him that if he bark, he’ll get attention.

Redirect Energy

If your dog is a big bundle of energy, then, of course, he needs to release that energy somehow. Why not take him to the dog park for a game of frisbee, or go for a bike ride with him? You might be surprised by the positive behavior adjustment that will happen pretty quickly. Not to mention, you get the added benefit of getting fitter too!

Distract And Reward

You never want to praise your dog for barking, but what you can do is distract him by asking for some basic obedience commands, and rewarding him for those – this will positively reinforce the behaviors that you do want from him, and distract him from the negative behavior that he was previously pursuing.

Control The Environment

If you know that your dog hates to be left outside when you’re out, but he stays calm indoors. It’s best to control the environment, and make your neighbors lives easier by leaving him indoors!

Work With A Trainer

Do you feel as though you’ve tried everything? Or, perhaps your patience is wearing thin? Either way, perhaps it’s time to consider calling in the professionals? Working with a knowledgeable dog trainer, or behaviorist might be the solution to your little problem!

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