Corgi Mix Breeds Ultimate List

Corgi Mix Breeds Ultimate List

Corgi Mix Breeds: The Ultimate List of Corgi Dog Breeds Mix

The modern Science Invented More than 10 Corgi Mix Breeds and the Result Is Pawsome.

What is being regularly confirmed by society is how powerfully the canine can engrave an influence in the human’s life. Surely, anyone who has ever been saluted by a homeless loving dog understands the well-built bond between dogs and humans.

The love of a pet grows from a sole sentimental bond to the urge to adopt a full-time companion. And to help you with this, I wrote a blog post about the things that you need to consider if you are going to adopt a new puppy. You can check the full article here: New Puppy Owner? Here’s Your Beginner Guide To Raise One

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Dogs are indeed capable of adding a glamorous touch to your life and putting on significant benefits to your daily routine. However, choosing the right breed plays a crucial importance when comes to adoption. Your choice should always be dependent on the circumstances you live in.

Seems like a hard task? Here’s the agreeable news, The Corgi, a dog breed originating from Pembroke-shire, represents a satisfactory choice for those who are still weighing their choices.

The Corgi Dog, also known as the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, is highly known for his good temperament and forceful will which makes him eligible for every home and environment.

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International breeders and scientists have been exerting much effort in examining dogs’ DNA. Results have shown that the breeding process has worked wonders on the short-legged dogs and corgis of course are no exception.

Throughout the wheel of time, corgis have experienced numberless experiments leading to the invention of multiple Cory’s breeds.
This article is dedicated to reckon up the different breeds that genetic engineering has brought to our modern world.

The Corgi Mix : The early classical Welsh Corgi

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As the name implies, The Welsh corgi takes its name from the green hills of Wales. Among other breed, the Corgi of the Pembroke-shire area is amongst the oldest of corgi breeds.

Despite his small size and tiny figure, this type of dogs showed great success in cattle guarding and were honored for their cheap price during that time.

These are the general criteria:

  • Energy Level = Average to hyper
  • Barking = extremely high
  • Weight Range = from 24lbs (10KG) to 28Lbs (12Kg) / depending on the sex.
  • Height = from 10 to 12 inch (depending on the sex)

On a quick note : it should be mentioned that the Welsh Corgi dog was first departure from his mother nature in the early 1930s when it was gifted to the Queen of England. God Praise the Queen as she was the reason behind the spread of these dogs as family pets and the beginning of the breeding experiment.

The Poodle Corgi Mix : The corgi-poodle

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The creative combination between our dear corgi and the furry poodle gave the rise to what is called now The Coroodle, the corgi- poodle mix or also the curly haired-pooch.

Apart from their irresistible looks, the fluffy pooch inherited nothing but the good genes. Just like his original parents, the Croodle is an intelligent canine whose generally is hyper energetic. However, the slight disadvantage that you may consider is the fact that these little species may not be for dog-parents with busy schedule.

The corgi mixed with Poodle requires huge effort and investment as they are highly sensitive. It is important to note that these types of corgies are prone to digestive issues such as the (CDM) known as Canine Degenerative Myelopathy. The early symptoms of the disease manifest itself through the fainting and loss of appetite.

The Beagle Corgi Mix : A Beagi fur head

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The ancient Beagle takes its roots from North America and was hugely known for his ability to hunt and chase on foot.

The popularity of this breed grew even stronger in the post American Civil War period when hunters needed it for rabbit hunting in order to ensure food sufficiency.

The best way to analyze your Beagle Corgi personality is too look deeply to his original parents:

  • Beagles are by nature friendly especially with kids.
  • Beagles generally tend to bark un an excessive and noisy way.
  • Unlike beagles, Corgi dogs can be easily trained in a way that fits the owner necessities.
  • Also, Corgies move in a smooth and rapid manner which makes him suitable for hunting and playing with kids.

The overall temperamental traits of the Corgi Beagles vary from one canine to another depending on the attitude they inherit from their original parent. However, common traits may be found:

  • A bossy attitude towards their owner.
  • No patience for youngsters.
  • Intelligent enough to understand his owner, but equally independent to his own thoughts and instincts.

Chihuahua Corgi mix = The Chichi Dog

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You can never miss a Chihuahua Corgi when it walks by with. This breed does not differ from the other bred species as it shares the same corporal features from the tiny legs to the small size.

It is important to add that the colors of the original colors of the original parents are likely to vanish during the breeding process. In other words, Chihuahua common colors such as black are actually hard to find. The customary colors are generally the light camel or creamy beige.

If you are looking for a life-time buddy, the Chichi is a preferable choice as its life expectancy flow from 12 to 20 years. The only disadvantage that comes to mind is that a one-man parent dog should think twice before opting for the Chichi. Meaning that, this breed prefers living in an extended family on staying with solo partner.

Pitbull Corgi Mix = The Pitcorg

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The Corgi crossed with Pitbull is still a new combination in the breeding labs and did not yet reach an international popularity. Although it is not rare to either adopt or buy one, opting for the Pitcorg may be a risky thing to do.

The idea of crossing two purebred canines is itself defective. Both The Corgy and the Pitbull are prone to illness and disease. Before taking your pet home, make sure to check the parents’ medical history. Remember that some dogs’ diseases can be contagious and thus any
intentional masked illness can cause dramatic results.

The best way to ensure a healthy companion is to trust an experienced breeder and avoid those who do it solely for profit (the short-term breeders.) Unless you are ready to invest a top dollar, the breeding operation costs an arm and a leg. The cost can reach +500$.

Chow Chow Corgi Mix = Chowgi

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This fluffy and chubby dog is too good to be real. Although the Chowgi fans might generally go through breeders to get their pet, it is advisable to adopt a Corgi Chow Chow canine from the rescue houses. Just like any other hybrids, the Chowgi obviously inherits the different features of the corgi and the chow chow.

However, something about this mix makes it irresistible not to look at. Needless to say, that the crossing process may bring into being a dominant alpha that have a strong and strict treatment.

By strict treatment, I of course exclude any cruelty or abuse. It is just about patience and prudence. As a mix owner, be prepared to invest in hygiene and cleanness. This type of dogs deserves your full energy as both of his parents are long- haired. Yes! The cleaning vacuum will be you closest partner.

Bullmastiff Corgi Mix = Bull Corgi

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Though not very suitable for closed homes and extended families, the Bull Corgi can do wonders when it comes to physical strength.
This dog works also for people with large outdoors. The lap of Mother Nature represents the ultimate go to space for this dog not only because he likes to spend his time on the green grass but mainly he excels in keeping your home safe.

The ‘’silent watchdog’’, as most people put it, is highly known for his twofold attitude. While he prefers chilling in open spaces he can easily adapt himself with tiny spaces such as apartments.

His sweet beige creamy coat will make him a good pillow to sooth your cold winter nights. Don’t get fooled by the big size, you will be impressed how gentle and caring he can be. Just be kind to him and his actions will follow.

Shepherd Corgi Mix = The Shepherd Corgi

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Though the Shepherd breed varies in size and origin, the most popular crossbreed mix is generally the German sharp-eared Shepherd.
The good news is that this mix did not inherit the genes of long hair and messy look. On the contrary, The Corgi Shepherd breed does not need that much of grooming.

The busy parent does have a less thing to worry about as his little canine would exactly know how to take care of himself once alone in the house. With only few minutes of hair brushing weekly, your dog will manage to develop a routine of his own.

As might be expected, the German Corgi owns a very spirited and affectionate disposition. However, it is important to mention that things can go wrong in the presence of strangers. The wild instinct to control may make your dog wants to take over.

Husky Corgi Mix = The prestigious Corsky

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The Siberian husky and The Welsh Corgi are among the oldest breeds in Britain and were brought to the American soil in the 1933s. The good temperament and the over-calm personality make the Crosky unsuitable for guarding.

This crossbreed grows to reach approximately 13 in eight and 20 in weight. This ball of fluff is not yet recognized as by any official pet breeding institution. However, nothing can stand in the way of a dog-parent that cannot resist the charm of this fur ball

Labrador Corgi Mix = Labracorgi

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Undoubtedly, behind closed doors is where the Labracorgi embraces his inner passion for love. If you are a pet love, this crossing breed may represent a great sitter for kittens, rabbits, and other domestic animals. It is also preferable to take your dog outside and have some quality time together.

Not only you can enjoy your canine companionship, it is also beneficial for you to make some exercises outside. On the other hand, those who experienced a life with a Corgi Larbador Mix, complain about their barking tendencies especially during nighttime.

Bear in mind that the Labracorgi is the combination of two barking noises. This problem could be solved by taking the dog out daily in order to get rid of his barking habits.

Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix = Australian Corgi

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The Australian Corgi is the fruit of a charming face and a hyper active attitude. If you have children they will be extremely happy to have a companion that knows how to play catch, football and many other amusing games.

However, you need to be conscious about the amount of time your dog needs daily to remain in a good physical condition. It is highly important to keep a well fixed plan for you and your dog to stick to everyday. Exercising, nutrition, and play time are crucial to the well being of the Australian Corgi. Commitment is also an important point in the dog’s care.

Depressive attitude is likely to happen once the routine schedule is neglected. Australian Corgis are prone to depression and anxiety. The ideal antidote for the depressive attitude is assuredly entertainment. Yes, our busy routine generally fails us and we grew unable to take care of our loved ones. Nevertheless, clutching to those we love strengthens nothing but the bond between the two parties.

Dachshund Corgi mix = Corghund

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This breed successfully mixes the good genetics of Corgi with those of Dachshund. Although it is hard to guess exactly how the Dachshund Corgi mix will turn out, the common feature found in Corghund worldwide is the tiny size and the sharp ears.

Much like other mixed breed dogs, the Dachshund are known for their long hair and their capability to run after cattle and wild animals. The positive news is that this canine is a people-orientated dog that gets along with his owner.

What you should keep in mind is that Corghunds are prone to anxiety. To put it differently, this type of dogs cannot generally live independently and thus needs to stay close to his owner on daily basis. Leaving your dog alone for long period of time may trigger the anxious attitude.

Shar Pei Corgi Mix = Shar Corgi

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Have you ever imagined yourself cuddling with a fluffy head that combines both Bitish and Asian origins? Guess what? Your fantasies are likely to be true thanks to the latest scientific development.

The Shar Pei Corgi Mix also known as the Shar Corgi have lately become a target for breeders. This may be understood as the need to procreate the fine genes of both the Chinese Shar Pei and the Welsh corgi. Any preferable desires could be found in this crossing breeds. Both the physical and behavioral level will certainly appeal to all tastes.

For a clearer understanding, an overall analysis of the ancestry of both the Shar Pei Corgi and the Cargi will make the pet-parent fully aware of the Corgi’s criteria. The Chinese Shar-pei : this Asian dog breed has been living on earth for hundred of decades. This dog was originally used for his hunting and fighting battles. Nowadays, The Chinese hunting partner grew to be an indoor beloved canine.

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Physically speaking, The Shar Pei breed wears a soft loose skin that covers his whole body.

  • The crossing breed is of medium size with a maximum height of 20inch (50cm) and weight of 60pounds (28kg).
  • This sober and wrinkled face dog is characterized by a tranquil and peaceful personality.

For those who are seeking faithful companion, This Chinese pooch can fully devote himself to his dog-parent. In order for you to avoid any inherited risks , you can consult shelters around you where you can get a detailed medical history or any inherited health issue.

Border Collie Corgi Mix

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The unpleasant news is that are still no official information on any platform to dig into. However, from a rational point of view, it is totally doable to draw an estimated picture of how the Border Collie Corgi Mix should look like.

Advocates of the Border Collie breed support the good traits of this breed. The Collies are believed to be very energetic and active. This trait makes them best suited to the rural side. In case of long term confinement or loneliness, the canine can develop frustrating behavior. They indeed prefer to be surrounded by people despite their obvious shyness.

For rural owners: this breed may represent the epitome of a hard working dog. His tiny yet flexible silhouettes makes him suitable for cattle raising and agricultural tasks such as gathering livestock.

Cocker Spaniel Corgi Mix = Cocker Spangi

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It is almost impossible not to fall under the charm of those expressive eyes. Every part of this crossing breed demands to be touched.
This small dog does not exceed 15inc in eight which makes him an indoor pet par excellence. Unlike other freaky skeletons, The Cocker- Cargi has a well structured body that combines both the aesthetic and the functional aspect.

The bred dog balances between the beautiful physical aura with the ability to be held and taken everywhere. If you are not familiar with this breed , go and watch the Lady and the Tramp’’ movie which helped in promoting the Cocker Cargi Mix.

Underneath the beautiful looks and curled hair lay a sturdy and healthy dog. Although some health issued may appear in the late years, the Cocker Cargi dog is expected to live up to 15 years. The cheering news is that people who suffer from mental disorder to go through hard times can find solace in the shadow of this crossing breed. The Cocker Cargi possesses the multi-skills to keep an eye on their owner and save the day if worse comes to worst.

St. Bernard Corgi Mix = Saint Corgi

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If you are searching for extra attention, Sir Saint Corgi is the go to option. Despite his tine shape, this pooch is always up to the job.
This dog will demand nothing but good care and warm companionship. Once he is home, he will be eager to run around the place and lick every person his eyes fall on.

It is unexpected for this type of Corgi mix to lay there the whole day doing nothing but being a lazy slothful pet. Their instinctive affability is likely to add an amusing touch to the indoor atmosphere. This friendliness attitude is best suited for extended families and children.

Pragmatically speaking, it should be mentioned that living with the St Corgi is no always fun and games. Raising this pooch requires constant cleaning and grooming due to the excessive fluffiness. On another note, supervision is highly needed in the presence of kids or strangers. Due to his rural origins, this breed may suddenly turn to a malicious fur ball.

Blue Heeler Corgi Mix = Blue Corgi

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The combination between Australian and British origins gave rise to a sound cattle dog. This breed was originally developed by rural settlers in the Australian area where works needed a more powerful version of the Blue Heeler. Common Physical features:

  • Long and hanging tail
  • Compact body
  • A blue like coat
  • Well muscled legs
  • Structures skeleton

Like most pets, the Corgi Blue heeler Mix like to be spoiled by being raised by one-person dog. To put it differently, words of encouragement and extra playing time is highly desired. Although it is highly common for these dogs to take care of themselves, strengthening the bonds is advisable for a better relationship.

Thanks to his long historical record in farming, agricultural chores and cattle raising, the Corgi Blue Heeler Mix is always ready to get up and seize the day in order to appeal to his master / owner.

Being as sharp as a tack, the pooch can do wonders in farms as well as cities and homes. Regardless of the place he resides in, the fierce sense of loyalty and obedience cannot go unseen.

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