About Us

Hello Community,

We are Christina & Elizabeth, two moms that are loves dogs and especially puppies. We are working moms and we love sharing useful tips and how to guides about raising a healthy and a happy puppy. We made this website in order for us to contribute to the pet world. We are open for any suggestions and we love to communicate with other pet owners as well. We promise to only publish posts that we personally have got really good tips. All of our content is 100% unique and hand written so we are sure of what we talk about. We plan to build a friendly community that has an impact on this world.

We do believe that sharing is caring that’s why we always try to give a decent amount of time and be dedicated to this. We have social media accounts on Facebook & Pinterest, but also will be expanding to Youtube as well once we have enough useful content to share with you.

Please feel free to contact us regarding anything. We accept any sort of collaboration that will benefit us as well as you.

Regarding Homeless Dogs, we are thinking of making a specific category on our website to allow people to post & share about this subject and help a dog get a new home & owner.

Our community will be international so we are happy to communicate with everyone from all around the globe. As well as on social media, we do advertise dog related subjects and we are also open for any affiliate offers that you have. You just need to contact us and let us know about your product and how helpful it can be for our lovely community.

As mentioned above, we do care about dogs and we are also open for anything that can make a dog or a puppy happy. Please do not hesitate to contact us about any idea. Thank you and we hope that we help you in some kind of way .