10 Best Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

10 Best Halloween Safety Tips for Dogs

Dog Halloween Tips: The Top 10

May your Halloween be abominable, and Your pet be safe !

October is about the transition from the hot breeze of summer to the warm and cozy days of winter. It represents the seasonal pause between two opposite environments. However, it is also the time when neighborhoods start to look like Salvador Dali paintings.

It is that time of the year when people are allowed to embrace their inner dark side and let the ghost inside them take over. Yes you guess it right, it is Halloween! The vampire season should be nothing but a pure amusement. However, it is also important to keep yourself and people around you safe and sound from any danger. And by those around you we refer to humans as much as pets.

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It is worth mentioning that our four-legged companions are also exposed to threat during the holiday season. Dr Justin Lee declares that emergency cases of pets increases to reach 12% on the 31st of October.

Here you will find some functional tips to keep your pet and particularly your dog safe and healthy all the way to the very dawn of November sun.

Pumpkins are meant for decoration and not for dogs

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a pumpkin has a bewitching power. While it is rich in vitamins and has the full nutritious requirements for species. It can also turn to a poison once it is overused. Dogs are by nature- food orientated so they will hardly resist tasting pumpkin treats such as pies and cupcakes.

In addition, the added sugar in sweets made of pumpkins or even raw pumpkin is toxic to dogs. Though not deadly, the sugary effect may result in serious problems on the level of the digestive tract. Pumpkin products are also spiced with a number of flavors that dogs cannot digest. Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice are likely to cause complications such as stomachache and sometimes lethargy.

Don’t get it wrong, vegetables are healthy for dogs, but as they say everything in excess are opposed to nature. Feeding your dog pumpkin on Halloween won’t make you a good parent. Keep your dog away from the buffet table or from pumpkin treats offered during the celebration day.

Do not get fooled by the common viewpoint that says that it is fine to give your dog the leftover pumpkin; keep a close eye around your dog in order not to chew any pumpkin leftovers as they are full of bacteria and chemical products.

Dog Halloween Tips: Opt for Minimalism when it comes to costumes

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With Halloween less than a month, many dog parents have already chosen the costumes of their four-legged  dears. Although costumes and accessories are festive and fun, the wrong attire may result in serious problems.

The bling bling fashion and the fancy costumes with sophisticated designs are absolutely unnecessary. You can either opt for minimalistic outfit choice or just keep it simple and don’t intefer with the natural law.

Remember that the emotional and the physical well-being are both important for your canine companion. In order for you not to mess things up

Dog collars can be lethal

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Don’t underestimate the power of a comfortless accessory. Depending on the dog’s size and breed, the choice of the relevant costume may vary. Dogs may differ in their temperament. For instance, Bulldogs are highly known for their pain tolerance and can endure physical pain more than other sensitive breeds.

But don’t get fooled by the size, no matter how big your dog is, it is unacceptable to enforce your dog to wear something just for the sake of bragging. Avoid these types of collars in order to be sure that your canine is not harmed.

  • Dog Buckle Collars: this type involves any neck accessory that is made of plastic or simply tissue which generally comes with identification tags. This collar should be avoided as its tight size can cause serious injuries to your dog. Things can get worse if your dog will be leashed by the neck during the Halloween celebration. Unconsciously, you can cause long-term injuries to your dog.

Healthy alternative : Go for a Harness which is way more comfortable and can guarantee a whole pain free day.

  • Dog Elastic Collars: there are some instances for dogs having hurting themselves with their own collars. To put differently, imagine if your dog accidentally put his paws through the collar in an attempt to take it off. The Gothic theme of Halloween will turns to dramatic bloody scene… Horrific, right?

Candies are Outstanding, Unless you are a Dog

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Yes, you probably have, like all the parents do, a greedy dog who takes great pleasure in tasting sugary foods. It is fairly fine to spoil your furry companion and make them part of your Halloween mores and conventions, but you should also consider the risks behind sugar.

From a scientific perspective, when a dog consumes sugar, the nucleus accumbens releases dopamine which boosts the sense of pleasure and eventually results in sugar addiction. This advice is not about natural sugar that can be found in fruit or ordinary food; it is rather dedicated to chemical sugar which is added to treats.

In addition to the addictive effect of sugar, treats made of dark chocolate are not only harmful but poisonous. Chocolate contains theobromine, a composition that may increase heart beat rates. In case of unprecedented symptoms or complications, don’t hesitate to take you dog to the nearest veterinary.

Be Smart, Keep it clean

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Memorize what Dave Berry claimed ‘’Dogs do not grasp the concept of house cleaning’’. Dogs are by nature messy and they do often possess the need to poke their noses in every corner in the  house. Halloween leftovers such as candy wrappers and pumpkin can represent a great threat to your dog’s safety.

During the Halloween hours keep a close eye around your dog and try to follow his steps around the house in order not to ingest or orally consume any harmful leftover or costume accessories. In case of emergency, your dog should undergo the needed medical supervision.

Keep your Dog easily Distinguishable

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According to ASPCA abbreviation for American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty states that 1/3 pets will be lost or stolen during occasions and Halloween is no exception. While some people do develop emotional affairs with spending the night out on Halloween, some pets, especially those who are used to stay indoors, may face difficulties in adapting to the noisy and crowded streets of Halloween.

While the Gothic environment may contribute the adrenaline rush to humans, dogs in other hand may not tolerate the creepy and scary costumes. Fortunately, you can successfully balance between your responsibility as a dog parent and embrace at the same time your wildest energy.

The best option to opt for is the ID identification tags around your dog’s neck. This ID card or ticket should contain the basic information of your dogs such as name, address, and phone number in order to ensure his safety.

Keep your noise-phobic Dog away from Fireworks

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Halloween customs stands for the roaring booms of Fireworks. The 31st of October is considered to be the peak time for fireworks explosions. Not surprisingly; many dogs may often take off when startled by the ear-rending noises.

Pets and dogs in particular are prone to odd noises. Some breeds are more likely to develop noise phobia and anxiety. Noise Phobia known also as Phonophobia is the chronic fear of loud voices. The Phonophobia anxiety manifests itself through number of symptoms few of which are serious and need the immediate veterinary consult.

These symptoms consist of excessive shaking, hysterical barking, and scratching the door. It is best for you as a pet owner to take a step back and observe your pet’s reaction towards fireworks and behave according to these instructions:

  • Don’t keep your dogs indoor for long periods of time.
  • Organize a dark yet comfortable place for your dog to hide in. Keep in mind that a scared dog’s best shelter is dark indoor space.
  • Distract your dog with what he loves. His favorite food and toys can be a good solution. This may help you to decrease the frustration.
  • In severe cases, consult your veterinary or call the emergency number available in your country (For the us residences, purchase your local emergency phone number)

They are your Guests and not your Dog’s

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While some traditions may seem tempting for the majority of people to engage in, dogs on the other hand prefer to clutch on their everyday habits. Although they are generally known as friendly canines, the first interaction with people will not always be fun and games.

You should be familiar with your dog’s behavior. Some training should be considered before the day of Halloween.

  • If your dog is hyper energetic or Stranger-Danger dog some tips reach for help and try to organize an indoor spot for your  animal to relax in and reach for a sitter to keep your dog company during your absence.
  • The outdoor world is a favorable place for your dog, the natural smells and endless sights may pacify the tightness.

If you have a human-friendly pooch, the training sessions would be needless. Your dog will easily get along with your guests and will certainly add an amusing touch to your evening.

Dog Halloween Tips: Do it all before dark

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Halloween can be a noisy and dangerous holiday for your dog, especially during nighttime. Scary costumes, fireworks and all the celebrations I mentioned above will increase the possibilities of causing anxiety and anguish. The most appropriate thing to opt for in this case is to do all the activities before dusk.

Your dog rituals such as long walks and his playing time in the public gardens and parks should be done before nighttime where all kind of festivities take place.

This tip is beneficial on both levels: the different activities will consume your dog’s energy and keep him calm during nighttime and will allow you to spend a wild Halloween either indoor or outdoor.

Keep your Door closed and the Doorbell off

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The last thing you want during Halloween is cause stress to your dog or to make him runaway from the open door. Set up a house environment where you turn the TV volume up and set a classical calm music in order to camouflage the outside noise.

Turning your doorbell on will help you minimize the amount of cacophony of kids asking for treats. The stationed neighbor and relatives will have to wait or just knock on the door. Call to mind that your dog safety is your priority.

I hope that you enjoyed these Dog Halloween Tips and helped you to prepare yourself and your beloved dog for this upcoming Holiday. If you liked this blog post, help me by sharing it and PIN IT on your Pinterest boards using the image below:

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